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Available Maltese Books

A New Owner's Guide to Maltese, by Vicki Abbott
The Maltese: Diminutive Aristocrat, by Vicki Abbott
The Maltese: An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet, by Bobbi Linden
Maltese: Complete Pet Owner's Manual, by Joe Fulda
The Maltese, by Anna Katherine Nicholas
The Essential Maltese, by Howell Book House
Maltese, by Kathy Di Giacomo and Barbara J. Bergouist
The Maltese Today, by Vicki Herrieff
Guide to Owning a Maltese: Puppy Care, by Brandlyn James

Veterinary Medicine Sites

Cornell University Breeding Dogs
UC Davis Vet School Veterinary Resources

Show Superintendents

Bradshaw Dog Shows Onofrio Dog Shows
Sleeper Dog Shows Newport Dog Shows
Info-Dog Kevin Rogers Dog Shows
Ba Ray Event Services Jim Rau Dog Shows
Garvin Dog Shows McNulty Dog Shows
Bob Peters Dog Shows  

Maltese Related Sites

American Kennel Club American Maltese Association
Maltese Magazine Maltese Only
Maltese Standard  

Dog Supplies

Lainee Limited Cherrybrook Dog Supplies
Bio Groom Pet Silk
Omaha Vaccine Vellus Products
Canine Affair Show Off
Snuggle Puppies Seabreeze Petite Pens
Pish Pads The Malt Shoppe
Pure Paws Magical Maltese Moments
Personally Paws Piddle Pads

Maltese Rescue Groups

Atlantic Maltese Rescue, Inc. Pacific Maltese Rescue
Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue Metropolitan Maltese Rescue
East Tenn Maltese and Small Dog Rescue Ohio Maltese Rescue Hearts United for Animals
Save Our Small Dogs United Maltese Rescue