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Maltese breeders of Maltese puppies & Champion Maltese Dogs

Starting in 1992 we have EXCLUSIVELY devoted ourselves to the MALTESE breed with experienced Maltese breeders of Maltese puppies and Maltese Dogs. Our breeding program is solidly based on three truly outstanding and enduring "lines" - Marcris, Pashes, and Su-Le - and on the friendship and guidance of the Maltese breeders responsible for those lines. Additionally, much of our foundation has also come directly from our close friends at Rhapsody Maltese and Hi-Lite Maltese. These programs, to various extents, are similarly based on those same older "lines".

Our very first conformation show champion was CH Rhapsody's White Pepper ROM (Pepper). Her success in the ring was only the first step in her "master plan" - that being the utter and complete domination of the Stanberry household. Maltese breeders of Maltese puppies & Champion Maltese Dogs Along the way Pepper produced outstanding Champion progeny - with one puppy garnering a Best of Winner's victory at a Regional Specialty show; another puppy managing a Toy Group placement from the 9-12 month puppy class, and still another quickly finishing his conformation title "novice-owner-handled" from start to finish. Today, Pepper reigns supreme from her royal perch atop the sofa - monitoring all the events that transpire under the roof; manipulating both human and canine occupants with equal disdain; and terrorizing all intruders who risk entry into her realm without a proper introduction to "Her Highness".

Although technically our first show dog, CH Lepetit's Heavenly Seraphim ROM (Sera) was our second show champion - finishing right after Pepper. Sera's primary challenge in attaining her title had nothing to do with her conformation or Maltese breeders of Maltese puppies & Champion Maltese Dogs showmanship - it had everything to do with a pair of novice Maltese exhibitors trying to overcome the "grooming learning curve". Sera was the test case for brushes, alternative shampoos and coat conditioners, and early attempts at "coat wrapping". Nevertheless, Sera's natural "ring presence" overcame her owner's initial ineptitude and she quickly completed her title. Like Pepper, Sera produced marvelous puppies. She even achieved her Register Of Merit (ROM) award as a top producing dam in a single "three puppy all-champion litter" - with one of them (CH Divine's Heavenly Breeze) going on to become the 1997 American Maltese Association's National Grand Sweepstakes Winner!

Just as Sera was finishing her championship we finally found the perfect little male to become the "Father of Divine Maltese". His name is CH Marcris Indecent Proposal ROM (Indy) - and even though we were confident that our faith in this little man was well-placed at the time, we could not for see the impact that Indy would have on our breeding program, much less the impact he would have on the entire Maltese Maltese breeders of Maltese puppies & Champion Maltese Dogs Breed. At a still very young nine years of age, Indy, in very limited breeding within a very close circle of friends, has already produced fifty-three (53) Conformation-Titled progeny plus one (1) Obedience-Titled offspring. As a sign of "great things to come" Indy's very first champion offspring, CH Rhapsody's Indecent Mystery (Puzzle) had a fabulous show career, even finishing as the #3 Maltese in the USA in 1997. Many of Indy's other children have won their class at AMA National Specialty Shows in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000. In fact, Indy's son, Divine's Indecent Desperado (Bandit) was Winner's Dog/Best of Winner's at the 1999 National - from the 6-9 month puppy class. "Bandit" achieved 7 ALL BREED BEST IN SHOWS and was the #1 Maltese (Breed system) in 2001 and 2002. "Bandit" was the #1 Maltese ALL SYSTEMS in 2002. Four of Indy's other kids are Best-In-Specialty Show (BISS) winners and still others have Toy Group Placements. Indy is indeed a Top-Producer of Top-Quality Maltese. He is most consistent in producing wonderful true-silk coats, elegant outlines, great pigmentation, and gorgeous heads in his offspring - both in line-bred and outcross pairings. We are only just now beginning to utilize Indy's children in our breeding program and the results are simply Divine.

Next to Indy the dog with the greatest impact on our breeding program is CH Marcris Divinely Risque' ROM (Divine). A half-sister to Indy, Divine has similarly Maltese breeders of Maltese puppies & Champion Maltese Dogs produced the most incredible litters of pups. She has already produced fifteen (15)champion offspring with a couple of more expected to finish their conformation titles within the next few months. She also claims the Multiple Best In Show and 1999 AMA National Specialty Winners Dog/Best Of Winners (Bandit) among her offspring. Divine is blessed with an incredible pure silk coat and a faultless front and rear - all qualities that she consistently passes on to her children.

Among our accomplishments at Divine Maltese are our Register of Merit (ROM) producers. These special dogs whether owned or bred by us have produced a minimum of 5 Champions for males or 3 Champions for females proving over and over again the quality we have strived to have at Divine Maltese.

ROM Stars
Ch. Marcris Indecent Proposal
Ch. Divine's Indecent Rumor Has It
Ch. Divine's Magic Memory of Didley
Ch. Chatterly's Didley Dimitre
Ch. Rhapsody's Divine Bleu Angel
Ch. Divine's Risque' Moment
Ch. Divine's Indecent Cajun Creation
Ch. Divine's Just For Keeps
ROM Starlets
Ch. Marcris Divinely Risque'
Ch. Rhapsody's White Pepper
Ch. Lepetit's Heavenly Seraphim
Hi-Lite's Sunshine Bleu
Pashes Divine Miss M
Ch. Divine's Indecent Imagination
Ch. Divne's Heavenly Breeze
Ch. Divine's Good Golly Miss Molly
Ch. Divine's Mysterious Luv N Kisses
Ch. Divine's Risque' Doll
Ch. Divine's Indecent Attraction
Ch. Hi-Light's Cindyrella Sunshine

We welcome your interest in the Maltese breed. They are truly remarkable companion dogs - toy in stature but gargantuan in heart and in their capacity for love and devotion to their human family. if you would like additional information on the breed in general - or on our DIVINE MALTESE in particular - please do not hesitate to contact us. Just "click" on the email button just below this paragraph to send us a message.

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